i’m sick of your shit. it’s not your life, it’s mine. worry about yourself before you go sticking your nose up in other people’s fucking business. just let me live my life for once, without any chaos. i just want a break, a break from it all, especially you and your petty bullshit. just because you’re the only one affected by my choices doesn’t mean everyone else is too. that’s YOUR problem, so don’t go assuming that everyone else has the same exact problem as you. also, don’t go assuming that my choices are legit. you formed your own damn opinion about how you think i act. you don’t even talk to me, and when you do it’s with that fake ass smile. next minute you turn around and talk shit about me. BITCH, YOU DO NOT FUCKING KNOW ME. it just doesn’t work like that, alright? YOU are the one who’s causing all this shit. you think you’re helping people out? no, no, no. honey, you’re wrong. so. fucking. wrong. you’re hurting a bunch of innocent people. now please, stop it. 

damn, you’re so annoying.